The State of JTA - 2019

First, I want to thank everyone who volunteered their time, not matter how much or how little, to make last year so successful.  You are appreciated!

2019 - Year in Review

We had our first "open house" in a few years out at the JTA Fields featuring NFX Flex Football, our new alternative to full contact football, which was a huge success.

Along with the open house, we had a workday to clear out eh storage buildings and make some improvements to the bathrooms and concession area, which was long overdue.

With the donation of labor and materials from Crossland Construction we were able to get the visitor stands at JTA dug out of the ground (they were sunk down about 8" making it impossible to see over the crown of the field) and re-positioned on concrete footings to improve the visitor experience to our field.

JTA hosted its inaugural summer Flex Football league on Sundays during the month of June, which was an overall success.  We definitely had some bumps along the way, but everyone rolled with it and had a great time.  We are looking forward to the 2020 Summer League to be bigger and better.  And, INFC will be helping promote it now that they see the positive impact it is having on our program!

INFC held their draft and, after all registrations were closed, we had close to 300 kids in our tackle program.  JTA was the 2nd largest program behind Broken Arrow with 15 teams.

Banners, Banners, Banners!  Sponsorship banners and scoreboard placements are a big part of our yearly funding.  Last year we had a huge amount of local companies sponsoring our program and we look to grow that number even more in 2020! (details coming soon)

During the regular season JTA was 72-32 overall with a .0692 WINNING %.  How does that compare?  (Union 0.460%) (BA 0.516%) (Owasso 0.450%).  Great job coaches, athletes and parents!

Jenks White 7th Grade won the INFC Championship in a nail biter of a game.  Jenks Silver 7th grade and Jenks White 5th Grade both won the Post Season Tournament.

We had 6 additional teams make the INFC Playoffs; Maroon 7th Grade, Silver 6th Grade, Maroon 5th Grade, Silver 4th Grade, White 4th Grade and Maroon 3rd Grade.

Plan for 2020 

We are finalizing a new agreement with the City of Jenks that will allow us to continue playing at JTA fields for 20 years with an additional 10 year extension and are very excited because it means we will be able to move forward with some field improvements that are long overdue.


This Spring/Summer we will begin construction on a new press box!  We have decided to use 40ft shipping containers that will be covered by stacking, painting and insulating with 270 degrees of windows for announcing and videotaping of the games.  The ground level will be used for storage, while the 2nd floor will be used for film review, teams meetings and JTA related meetings as needed. 

April 1st will be opening day of registration for Cheer, Tackle, and Flex Football.

  • Tackle Registration - $135.  After June 30th $150

  • Flex Football (Summer) - $110 with JENKS code

  • Cheer - $200

April 18th will be our workday at the JTA field.  We will be painting the goal posts, painting the ticket booth, replacing the windows in the ticket booth, and removing leaves and other debris from the property, etc.

April 25th we will be having another "Open House" that will feature a Flex Football Academy, Football and Cheer registrations, and Uniform fittings with Gorfam Athletics.  This will be your first chance to check out the new uniforms we will be using for the foreseeable future.  Oh, and uniforms will be $115 tax included!  Local vendors will have food for purchase and entertainment at the Open House.  We will be posting times though our FB Event Calendar so stay tuned for that.

Along with new uniforms, we will be opening our very first JTA Web Store where all JTA apparel can be purchased.  This will also server as a passive fundraiser for us in that a portion of each purchase goes back to the program.  Parents can also buy "football gear packages" that GORFAM Athletics will be putting together specifically for our program (helmets, as always, will be each family's responsibility).

ATS Camps: we are currently working with Coach Riggs on modifying the "Performance Camp" to be an O-Line and D-Line centered camp that help our boys begin to develop and fine tune their blocking skills and line penetration skills.  This camp will be for all positions with an emphasis on blocking and penetration.  More details to follow.

We have a great JTA board this year!!  We have added a Community Service Committee that will be coordinating our JTA teams to volunteer prepping food for the needy and giving back to the community.  Tracy Emmons is our new Fundraising Director and will be instrumental in helping us raise the funds for our current projects and much more.  We also have a new Social Media Director that will be revamping our JTA website and helping keep our audiences up to date on what's going on within JTA.

Let's keep last year's momentum going and make JTA even better in 2020.  Thank you for your support and don't be afraid to reach out and volunteer!

Sincerely, Matt Young - JTA President